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Dec 2018 two larger scale heads in progress


Nov 2018 working on smaller figure studies with mixed media on paper


Oct 2018 working on details of larger scale figure study


Oct 2018 Recent large scale works in the studio


Giving a sense of scale of some of the larger scale head pieces. The piece on the left is now in Australia and the two ladies on the right are now residing in Switzerland .


Process shots of largescale multi layered figure studies in progress


Starting point for all my works, whether large or small, sketching in


Two larger scale figure studies. The left-hand piece is now in Belgium and the piece on the right is with a collector in London


Medium scale figure studies in progress, initial blocking in stage, Feb 2018


working on large scale multiple figure pieces, Jan 2018. The work in the center was bought by a collector in Germany.


Time for a change, working on very small scale heads, more difficult than the larger scale ones!


Geisha pieces in progress. The pic was used for the cover of Artfinder’s summer catalog in 2017 and the three Geisha ladies were bought by a collector in Switzerland and the ladies on the right moved to Germany.


Dec 16: Applying glitter to lips creating a contrast with the muted skin tones



img_4808Oct 2016 working on a series of larger figure study commissions for the UK and USA.


DCIM100GOPROSept 16 –  Small heads for Affordable Art Fair, New York, 28 Sept  – 2 Oct 2016. Showing with La Lanta Gallery (Bangkok)  Booth 1.40 on level 1 


Studio, works in progress



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