Female figure 2-10-20


  • Oil painting on canvas
  • Artwork sold unframed
  • Dimensions: 100x80x3cm
  • One of a kind original artwork
  • Signed on the back and also comes with a certificate of Authenticity
  • Free Shipping

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Schiele has always been an artist who I have admired and for this series of oils on canvas, I have selected a number of Schiele’s sketches/works on paper and developed in oils. I’ve maintained to keep the poses/composition as close as possible to Schiele’s original sketches but tried to render the figures less doll-like or angular and made the colour more vibrant.

Female figure 2-10-20 is a female figure study on canvas in oils using a muted palette contrasting with areas of vibrant colour. The work is painted with a fluid application of paint and Produced quickly using expressive marks and stripping back allowing earlier layers to be visible. Giving them an ‘imperfect’ feel, which in turn simultaneously gives the work an exciting vitality and delicacy.


Female figure 2-10-20 is shipped using DHL including a tracking number. Rolled in a tube. The customer will receive the work within 2-3 days after dispatch.

Materials used:

Oils, Oil Pastels